Our latest Projects

  • Territory Development

    OSIRIS CORPORATION works alongside individuals, public bodies and real estate professionals on land engineering assignments relating to construction projects or specific regulatory issues or questions concerning the valuation of land or building rights: We carry out all the land procedures (updating, fragmentation, fragmentation-merger, co-ownership, subdivision) related to the land. We provide registration boundary marking, grouping…

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  • Energy and Mining

    OSIRIS CORPORATION offers new solutions for the management of mines and quarries. We ensure the speed and flexibility of stock calculation. We contribute to increase the productivity and efficiency of operations. We map your careers and monitor operations. We contribute to the security policy of the site As part of our deployment in the Energy…

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  • Precision farming

    Precision agriculture is a management strategy that takes into account temporal and spatial variability to improve the sustainability of agricultural production. It is the aerial surveillance of crops that will dominate that of the years to come. OSIRIS CORPORATION is a key player in precision agriculture by remote sensing, providing agronomic expertise to farmers. We…

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  • Cartography

    We are specialized in the production of maps adapted to the needs of our customers in terms of quality and precision. We will produce the Orthophotoplans of your territories. We set up a GIS (Geographic Information System) managing all your data and producing thematic maps. We generate DEM (Digital Elevation Model), DSM (Digital Surface Model)…

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