Territory Development

OSIRIS CORPORATION works alongside individuals, public bodies and real estate professionals on land engineering assignments relating to construction projects or specific regulatory issues or questions concerning the valuation of land or building rights:

We carry out all the land procedures (updating, fragmentation, fragmentation-merger, co-ownership, subdivision) related to the land.
We provide registration boundary marking, grouping and registration of the entire property.
We carry out all land studies related to agricultural surveying and administrative boundaries.

OSIRIS CORPORATION also intervenes in the field of land expertise:

We assess the market value of real estate.
We estimate the site’s development potential.
We carry out all valuation and disposal scenarios.


OSIRIS CORPORATION supports developers, real estate agencies, local authorities and private owners in the realization of their projects.
We provide feasibility studies and analyzes of urban planning documents.
We will carry out the necessary topographical services as well as the regulatory files.
We provide you with our combined expertise in construction, infrastructure and digital by:
Provide you with an inventory of targeted structures, buildings and infrastructure.
Provision of a digital tool (GIS) for site monitoring allowing you to centralize all the information and share it with all the actors.

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